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SOLE FOOD Foot Cream is the only non-greasy product on the market that allows for an extended massage time.  You can massage for 15 or 20 minutes, without adding more product, and it never becomes sticky or tacky .  It leaves a moist feeling to the skin, but never greasy or oily.  And just a very small amount is necessary to be effective.

SOLE FOOD Foot Cream contains skin softeners.  The very first thing you experience is the elimination of dry skin.  Softens cuticles.  Softens calluses.

SOLE FOOD Foot Cream contains ingredients to help heal minor skin irriations, cuts, abrasions.  Is effective on nicks, scrapes, insect bites, sun burn, perm irritations, etc.

SOLE FOOD Foot Cream contains an anti-fungal.  Consistent use keeps you from contracting athlete's foot and other problems.

SOLE FOOD Foot Cream contains a deodorant.  Great for anyone with a foot odor problem.  There are also a few people who are using

SOLE FOOD as an under-arm deodorant because they are allergic to certain OTC products.

SOLE FOOD Foot Cream contains skin protectorants.  Not only does it protect against moisture loss from the skin, it protects against moisture harming the skin externally. 

SOLE FOOD can easily be used as a hand cream...and it will last through several hand washings...if you remember to just pat your hands dry.  It will feel as if you have lotion on them; just massage it back in!

SOLE FOOD Foot Cream works like a drug product, but you do not need a prescription.  Contains no mineral oil, no petrolatum, no glycerin, no lanolin or lanolin derivatives, no fragrance or colors.  The only odor you will detect is a little menthol, and that quickly disappears.  The product smells clean, not offensive.

SOLE FOOD Foot Cream is super concentrated, so a little goes a long way.  The large jar (4.25 oz) will last 3 - 4 months and is only $20. 

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