Product Ingredients

Just as important as the ingredients we use....are the possible irritants we do not use: 

There is  no mineral oil,  no petrolatum,  no glycerin,  no lanolin or lanolin derivatives,  no fragrance or colors.



ALOE VERA EXTRACT - The liquid and pulp fractions extracted from the inner mucilage of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant.  When properly processed, Aloe Vera has been found to have many cosmetic and medicinal properties.  Even the FDA recognizes its use for treatment of burns and minor cuts and scratches.  Aloe Vera contains large, complex molecules known as polysaccharides, similar to those found in the body, which act both as humectants and emollients.

UREA -  A synthetically made and extremely pure ingredient, reported to have beneficial effects when applied to tiny cuts and lesions.  It is also known for its ability to soften dry skin and help diminish crusted tissue.

ISOPROPYL PALMITATE -  Used in products when good absorption through the skin is desired.  An extremely good emollient and lubricating agent.  It increases the "play time" properties of the product without leaving an undesirable oily feel on the skin.

STEARYL ALCOHOL - A very mild emollient and secondary emulsifier.  Helps control the viscosity and stabilize the product in high heat storage conditions.  Due to its ability to become hydrated, this naturally derived substance assists in water retention of emulsified bases.

STEARIC ACID - The most common fatty acid occurring in natural animal fats and vegetable oils.  When applied to the skin in an emulsified cream, it imparts a velvety feel while protecting dry or chapped skin.  It also acts as part of the emulsifying system.

CETYL ALCOHOL -  Very similar to stearyl alcohol on the skin, but has a slightly lower melting point.  The perfect combination of the two results in giving the product some of its excellent spreading properties.

CETYL ESTERS -  Excellent emollient;  holding moisture in the skin and adding lubricity to the product without tackiness.

GLYCERETH-26 -  A non-greasy, smooth material with a luxurious feel;  effective humectant.  Enhances "slip" with increased penetrating and surface active properties.

PROPYLENE GLYCOL -  Effective as both a humectant and an emollient.  Absorbs moisture  from the air and holds it onto the skin.  Works like a "water magnet."  It is also part of the preservative system.

ALLANTOIN -  Helps digest dead skin.  Remarkable cell proliferant; quickly stimulates the development of healthy tissue, thus reducing the healing time.  It has been used as a safe skin-peeling active ingredient.  Non-toxic, non-allergenic, and non-irritating.  Reputed ability to help heal wounds, skin ulcers, and stimulate growth of healthy tissue.  Used for many years as a soothing agent and skin softener.  Safe and effective.

HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE GLYCERIDE -  Helps restore a protective lubricating film to the skin which is subject to friction, chafing and moisture.  Excellent emollient.

VITAMIN A PALMITATE (RETINYL PALMITATE) -  Reported to have skin healing properties, since it is absorbed through the skin and essential for sustaining the membrane structure and function of all body cells.

VITAMIN D2 (ERGOCALCIFERAL) -  An oil soluble vitamin which provides good skin protection and reduces moisture loss.

VITAMIN E ACETATE -  An antioxidant and extremely good skin protector.  It neutralizes free radicals, metabolic scavenger molecules implicated in aging skin.

TRIETHYL CITRATE -  In combination with BHT, acts to inhibit enzymatic decomposition of perspiration substances.  The combination acts as the deodorizing part of the system.

BHT -  (See above)  Antioxidant; prevents oils on the skin from becoming oxidized and rancid smelling.

COCOAMIDO MIPA-SULFOSUCCINATE -  Moisturizer; used also for ease of application; mild skin conditioner; a secondary emulsifier.

MENTHOL -  When rubbed onto the skin, produces a feeling of coolness, even though the skin temperature is likely to be warmer.  The cool feeling is often followed by a sense of warmth.  Menthol also depresses the activity of nerve receptors for pain, effective in treating pain and itching.  Penetrates unbroken as well as injured skin to reach sensory nerve endings.  Safe and effective.  (However, some people are sensitive to menthol if used around the eye area.  Therefore, we do not recommend use on the face.  For this reason, our chemist developed FINGER FOOD Hand Cream - which does not contain menthol.)

GLYCERYL STEARATE -  Non-ionic emulsifier, thickener and emollient.  Non-irritating; soothing to the skin.

PEG-100 STEARATE -  Excellent emollient, thickener, and emulsifier.

DIMETHICONE -  Extremely pleasant emollient characteristics; soothing.  Clings to the skin and repels water.  Effectively seals wounds against air and other drying or frictional irritants.  Seals and protects chapped skin against further drying or chapping.

CHLOROXYLENOL -  Anti-microbial; a derivative of phenol, like that used in hospitals.  Very active and effective against bacteria.

LACTIC ACID -  Most powerful humectant; makes brittle skin cells flexible; contains a small amount of alpha-hydroxy acid that binds water to skin keratin.  A metabolic breakdown product of glucose and other carbohydrates. Is naturally present in almost all cells of the body.  Used in treating a variety of skin disorders and assists in improving skin elasticity.

TRISODIUM EDTA -  Sequestering agent.  Prevents physical and chemical changes affecting the color, texture, or appearance of the product.  It enhances the activity of the preservative system.

TRIETHANOLAMINE -  Part of the emulsifying system which combines with the stearic acid to form the primary emulsifier, which is extremely mild to the skin.

METHYLPARABEN, PROPYLPARABEN, BUTYLPARABEN, IMIDAZOLIDINYL UREA -  These four ingredients make up the preservative system.  The combination of these anti-microbials is effective over a wide range of various bacteria.

We repeat:  there is nothing to irritate or feel unpleasant....NO mineral oil, NO petrolatum, NO glycerin, NO lanolin or lanolin derivatives, NO fragrance or colors.

The ingredients listed above - with the exception of menthol  -

                             are repeated in our fabulous   FINGER FOOD Hand Cream .